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Ladies and gents I welcome you to the LONG overdue next edition of the
Trev Report (now online at http://www.trevreport.org/)

Trev's Lovelife

Well, as you all should know by now, Signe and I are engaged. We are
planning to have the wedding at the Rose Theater in Port Townsend on
May 25th, 2002. Of course the plans are subject to change.
Signe is at her parents' house right now since it is spring break here.
She is doing lot of fun girl stuff over there. :) I decided to stay in
Pullman to catch up with some work.

Trev's School

Wow, I can't believe it is less that 2 months until I graduate. Classes
are pretty tough, but I am making it through. All the classes are time
consuming and challenging but I'm having a great time in them. It is
especially nice to have this week to work on things and play catch up,
especially in my operating systems class, which is the hardest of the

Trev's Career

Well, it is official. As of March 15th, 2001 I have accepted a job with
iambic Software in San Jose, California as an Internationalization
Engineer. iambic (http://www.iambic.com/) is a pre-IPO company that
makes applications for the PalmOS platform. They have been around since
1994, and have about 20 employees in San Jose, California; Tampa,
Florida; and Montpellier, France.
I am being paid a competitive salary and will be working with the 6
other people in the San Jose office. For those who know him, this is
Tyson Brower's company. Tyson used to be in the Team Oriented Software
Practicum and powerPen, which I was also a part of in my first 3 years
of college. Coincidentally, Tyson is also married to Justin Fischer's
sister. Justin is a long time friend of mine, we met in my freshman
year and often play D&D together.
Tyson is thinking of moving part of the company to Portland come
January, and if that occurs Signe and I will most likely move with
them, but nothing there is decided as of yet. Both Signe and I are
looking forward to settling along the Northern California or Oregon

Trev's Housing

Signe is currently working hard trying to find us a nice place to live
in Downtown San Jose. We are both hoping to get into this place called
the Cinnabar that looks like it will be about 10 minutes away from work
and an affordable price.
I certainly will miss it here in Pullman. It has been 6 great years,
years I won't soon forget my time here.

Trev's Computers

Not much news about my computers. Signe's computer broke down and she
had to send it off the manufacturer to get it all fixed up. We are
hoping it returns by the time she gets back from break.
In other news, I just registered http://www.trevreport.org/ and have my
web pages hosts there, including the Trev Report Archives, my Tamashii
Aoi Shrine, and my new Dark-skinned Cat-like Female Anime Character
Page, which isn't much right now.

Trev's Anime

Well, the club is going really well. I am very pleases with the way
things are going this semester. I have already contacted No Name Anime,
the anime club in San Jose and asked them how I could help out with the
club when I move down, so that is going well.
Sakura Con is in late April and I am planning on going to it and
possibility volunteering at it. I will be staying in a room with Scott
and someone else. Speak of Scott and cons, we need to sign up for a
hotel room at AX, they are going fast!
As for new stuff I got, I recently got the Region 1 DVDs for Tenamonya
Voyagers, Dirty Pair Flash, and the Region 2 DVDs for Hand Maid May 9-
11, Idol Project 1-2 and 3-4, and Excel Saga 25-26. My FLCL Vol. 6 DVD
is on it's way with eX Driver 3, a Judy and Mary CD single, and a Ringo
Shiina single. My Love Hina vol. 9 DVD will be coming with my eX Driver
box and music video in early May, the release date got pushed back a
Currently, Alex, a guy from the anime club that is staying over break,
and I are watching ALL of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which is a
great sci-fi series (check it out at http://logh.net/). We are on
episode 50 of 110 right now, and they are in raw Japanese!

Well, that's about it for this report. Keep in touch everybody! I will
write you all next month!

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