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Yo all! It's Trevor here again with your monthly update on my life and stuff! So without further ado, here is your December tTR...

Trev's Lovelife
Signe and I are still going strong. I went to her parent's house for Thanksgiving break and had a good time over there (as I always do with her family). I really feel that our relationship is going great as we both approach graduation in May and look into moving into the next phase of our lives.

Trev's School
Arg! School is tough, I have a lot of projects due in the next two weeks that must get finished and I am struggling some, although after e-mailing my professors, I feel a lot more confidant about my standings in my classes. As for next semester (which is my final semester at WSU) I am taking the following classes:
Operating System Architecture (CptS 460) (TuTh 2:50-4pm)
Compilers (CptS 452) (TuTh 9:30-10:50am) (at the University of Idaho)
Computers and Society (CptS 401) (TuTh 5:15-6:30pm)
Culture in Politics (AmSt 471) (TuTh 12-1:15pm)
So I will have no classes on MWF but I will be in school from 9:30 to 6:30 every TuTh. Compilers and OS are both hard classes, so I will probably be busy with them a lot!

Trev's Grad School Prospects
Well, I am taking the GRE on the 12th, my Letters of Recommendation are sent to the recommenders, and I am almost ready to send off my applications to Hawaii, Berkeley, and Michigan. I really need to know where I will be going before the 1st of March though, that is my personal deadline to have everything decided (including my Grad School or Work decision).

Trev's Work Prospects
I am also working hard at finding jobs. A couple of companies have already extended offers to me and I am still waiting on the others to get back to me. What I am looking for is a position working on Internationalization issues (especially in double-byte languages, like Japanese) on PalmOS software in the Bay Area.
It's nice knowing exactly what you want to do, employers seem to pay more attention to you when you you (at least in my case). And as I said, I will decide between Grad School (and a low income but satisfying academic life) and Work (a high income but busy life). :)

Trev's Anime
"Datte Datte Datte Datte Daisuki Dakara..." That, if you don't know, is the start of the Tenshi ni Narumon opening theme. I recently finished watching the show and totally love it! I admit it isn't for everyone, but it is my kind of stuff. :)
Let's see, the anime club is having their yearbook picture taken tomorrow so that will be fun. Since chain watching all of Tenshi ni Narumon I haven't done much anime stuff since my schoolwork has really been bogging me down.

Trev's Computer
My computer is doing well. I don't think I have rebooted Windows 2000 in over 2 months. Since I put SP1 on it, it has been as stable as ever. I am quite impressed with Win2000 actually. The only bad part is not being able to play old DOS games, but I can live with that. :)

Trev's Books
On Emmett's (Signe's younger brother) suggestion I am reading through the Foundation novels by Issac Asimov, it is amazing how many sci-fi books, shows, games, etc. have ripped off ideas from this series. It is wild! Anyway, I am really enjoying them, and I highly suggest the series for any Sci-Fi fan.

Trev's Vacation
I plan to go to LA for the holidays to be with the fam and visit you Braindeaders there. These are the dates (for Dad) that I need to leave and return to Pullman:
Leave here December 23rd.
Return here January 13th.
So you all can plan for those dates for my stay in the LA area. :)

I just got a call from Brian Papp! He is in Advanced Training now in Georgia, and will be home for X-mas, so I am really looking forward to hanging out with him then!
Well, that is about it for this edition of the Trev Report, I will talk to you all later!

Trevor Menagh
URL: http://jumex.n3.net/

"When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of
childishness and the desire to be very grown-up." - C.S. Lewis, 1947
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