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Hi all,

Sorry I didn't get a report out for October, things got busy over here with school and everything. In any case on with the long overdue Trev Report!

Trev's Lovelife
Things are going well with Signe and I. Last night (Holloween) we went to a Swing dance with a live band from San Francisco, Lee Press-On and the Nails. We both had a great time. I am excited about graduating, Signe plans to work as a nanny near the area where I decide to settle (this of course depends on if I get into grad school and where, or if I get a job and where). I am excited, I think our futures look bright!

Trev's Academics
School is keeping me pretty busy this semester. I have programming assignments in all but one of my four classes, and all the assignments are quite challenging. On top of the assignments I have to learn two new languages, SQL for databases and LISP for AI. There is a test next week in Software Engineering, which should be challenging, but I think that I will make it through ok.
I am setting up for next semester, which will be my last at WSU, it is exciting to finally be so close to finishing after 6 years in school here! I will be taking Compilers, Advanded Operating Systems, Computers & Soceity, and one required "Teir III" course outside of my department, which I haven't decided on yet.
In other news, I was inducted into Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Soceity, the ceremony will be at 7pm, Nov. 6th (next Mon.) in Thompson 201 if any of you want to attend. I was flattered, this is the first time I have ever been in an Honor Soceity before!
Eck, I will probably be asking a few of you for letters of recommendation, I hope you don't mind. I have to take the GRE pretty soon too, I am a little afraid of it, but I am going to give it my best.

Trev's Work
...rather, Trev's search for work. I am not working this year (which makes me more and more tight on money these days, but nothing I can't manage), but I AM looking for employment for when I graduate in May.
If I don't get into grad. school at the places I am applying to I intend to work in Industry for a few years and pay off my school debts before trying to reapply to grad school (if I do at all, depends on how I like working).
So I am currently looking for places to give me job offers, sending out e-mails and resumes, etc. I promised myself that I will have a concrete decision by March at the latest, that will give me time to find a condo to move into in the area I go to, and it will also give Signe some time to find a good family to nanny with.

Trev's Anime
Well, not to confuse all of you, but in the anime front I have been getting some new stuff. Today eX Driver OVA 1 arrived in the mail, and Scott and I watched it, good stuff, it is don'e by the maker of Ah My Goddess, so it is fun stuff (it's a sort of futuristic car show). I have been getting FLCL as it comes out, and that is a totally awesome show, I have volumes 1-4; 5, 6, and the movie don't have release dates out yet.
On top of all that, I have been watching showsas they come out on Japanese television, thanks to the wonders of the internet and benevolent anime fans in Japan that encode the TV shows weekly, I have been keeping up with this season's (and last season's) shows, like Love Hina, Gate Keepers, Hand Maid May, Vandread, SciFi Harry, and other good stuff. (Granted, most of you probably don't know these serieses, but you anime fans out there, will probably see them in America in 3-4 years)

Trev's Computer
My computer is surviving, I continually resist the urge to buy new things for it though. My wish list is, 2 more 128Mb DIMMs, a Region-free Macrovision-free DVD-ROM, a Plextor CD Burner, an 80Gb HD, and a G450 Video card with the dual-head system. ...must...not...become...poor... :)

Trev's Housing
is looking good. It is really spacious in here, I really like McEachern East, it is a great place to get studying done. Nice and private.
When I get out of college, I am planning on getting a condo until I have the money saved up to invest in a house. I don't want to look into a house right away until I really decide where Signe and I will end up after she finishes her work as a nanny and I feel a condo is a better deal than an apartment, since you can sell the thing when you leave (genious!)

Well, that is it for this editio of the Trev Report. I will see you all next I hope to hear from all of you soon!

Take care,
Trevor Menagh
Phone: (509) 333-1652
ICQ: 9245144
E-Mail: oberstein@logh.net
URL: http://jumex.n3.net/

"If I claim to be a wise man,
it surely means that I don't know."
-- Kerry Livgren
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