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Hi all and welcome once again to another edition of the Trev Report! Things have been hectic around here or I would have written this sooner, but enough about that on with the report!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe and I are doing well. We go out east-coast swing dancing every Thursday night at the Moscow Social Club right above CJ's on Main St. in Moscow, ID. It's from 9-11:30, with lessons being given from 8-9pm. I really enjoy doing that, we also (try) to meet each other for breakfast each morning too. Although I am busy a lot this semester I think that we are fairing well. :)

Trev's Teeth

Well the biggest news I have this month is that I went to the Dentist and had ALL my teeth fixed. $2000 and a sore mouth later I have all my teeth fixed up and healthy. I am really glad I decided to do this. Of course I don't think I could have done it without Signe and Uncle Floyd's prodding and recommendations. Thanks guys!

Trev's Anime

hehehe, well the bulk of you will ignore this one, but Let me talk about my anime stuff anyway. I have been following this season's shows in Japan pretty well. Some of my friends in chat rooms have been getting Love Hina, Gate Keepers, and Hand Maid May, all of which are awesome shows. I have up to 22 of Love Hina which is my favorite of the bunch. It is sort of like Tenchi but the characters are different, it is definately worth watching!
As for subtitled stuff, I have been looking for older shows to show to the anime club, I just got up to date with my TechnoGirls and Odyssey fansubs. Odyssey fansubbed Yokohama Kaidashi Kikoh, which is a comic in my favorite monthly manga, Afternoon (www.afternoon.co.jp) and it just came out on DVD, so I am getting that soon. Speaking of DVDs my FLCL Vol. 3 should be coming in soon too. FLCL is Gainax's new OVA title and it is totally awesome! Such a fun little show, I just ordered the background music CD for FLCL as well, it should be here any day now.
As for manga, I am receiving Afternoon monthly through Kinokuniya's, which is a Japanese bookstore in America, I just couldn't go without my monthly comics. :) Also Crazy Colin said he would hook me up with comics from Japan too! woohoo! (Note to self, plan trip to Japan soon, Jason is going over there, Colin is over there, and who knows who else will be moving there too...)
I really miss Japan and I DO plan to return one day, in some form or another. :)

Trev's Computer

Anyway enough of that, what about my computer! The Duron is still rocking the house, and NT5 is as stable as ever, since I put SP1 on here. My next big purchases will be a DVD player and a CD burner for this machine. Rachel, you mentioned to me a DVD player for your computer that you totally liked, could you e-mail me what that was again? Thanks!
As for CD burners I think I will be going with a Plextor all the way unless Mike Chu can recommend something better.

Trev's School

Man I am busy these days. I am the Project Lead for my Software Engineering class, so I get the task of managing a team of 6 people through a semester of documentation and paper shuffling. It's good experience though, I think I am really digging the managerial side of things, I had no idea I would like it this much. I don't know can you guys see me as a manager?
Algorithms is a toughee, I LOVE the class and I LOVE the teacher, but the stuff is really hard. I guess it makes the class that much better, the teacher's philosophy on Software Engineering is that we are always teaching "How to program if you cannot." So he is teaching us how to be GOOD programmers. Awesome.
AI and Databases are also challenging classes, they keep me on my toes most of the time. :)

Trev's Old Friends

This has been the month to run into old friends. Danielle just happened to be in town the other day and I caught her (or she caught me) purely by chance as she was on her way to the airport. She is over in San Fran now and doing well, and just today I ran into an old friend of mine from Freshman year, Ben. He went off to do his mission in Quatamala for two years and I guess returned to WSU the year I was in Japan. I am sure few of you remember that kid who always was in my room playing video games, but it was greeat to see him again.
I am coming to realise that I know a lot of people, I wish I could keep up with you all more too. That is one of the reasons for the Trev Report. And I am flattered to see that some of you even read the archives too (although they are embarressing at times).
Hey, Aaron Kollmeyer sent me an ICQ today too, seems like he wants to come over to Pullman some weekend too, I haven't seen him in years, and am excited to see him again. Sean Spratt was in town as well visiting, but I just missed him, hopefully next time he comes over we will be albe to go out on the town. Also Jenna, you Signe, and I should go out on the town one of these nights!
okok, enough of that silliness. :p~

Trev's Future

What about my future? Saa...I don't know I am applying for grad school at a couple places with hopes of gettingin, but if not I am looking into working. Where is anyone's guess. Seattle Lab? Intel? (Mike, you're offer still open?) Palm? ...speaking of Palm, I haven't heard from Monty, Brian, Adam, or Sean lately, you guys still doing well down there? (Hope so. :P~) Handspring?
These are just the places I have been thinking about, although my options are open. I really want to be able to travel in my job, and travel to Japan (or to at LEAST use my Japanese skills) would be a dream come true. I am really excited about the rising interest in the field of Internationalization, and if I could get working in that area of industry that would be fantastic!

Well that's aboutit for this edition of the Trev Report. This is the first edition I am using Topica with. I moved it over because the list was getting just too big (136 people) to manage, and the BDC lists are on Topica, I am quite pleased with their services. I hope noone minds too much. :)
Keep those e-mails coming, I love hearing from you all.

Take care,
Trevor Menagh
Phone: (509) 333-1652
ICQ: 9245144
E-Mail: oberstein@logh.net
URL: http://jumex.n3.net/
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