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Hello all and welcome once again to the long awaited
monthly Trev Report. I have noticed that about once a
month people start wondering where their Trev Report
is and I need to produce or else. :p~
So without futher ado, here is your latest edition of
the Trev Report!

Trev's Lovelife

Well, Signe and I are surviving. We talk a lot about
our lives and such since we have spent more time in a
long distance relationship than a close relationship.
We both love and care for each other very much and I
am very happy to have her in my life.
She is leaving today to go back to Pullman to do RA
stuffies, and I will see her in about a week and a
half when I go back too.

Trev's Work

Work is definitely keeping me busy this last month. I
have been working on 3 e-mail filters for our e-mail
server software, and I just finished writing up an
internal test app to test them with. I love writing
internal tools; they are always fun to do. Right now I
am hacking out some stuff in straight C code and it is
really fun, yet time-consuming. Soon I will go back to
school where I fear that I won't have a job in school.
(eck!) I will be looking into an assistantship in CS,
but I doubt that will go through, we will see.

Trev's School

Well, I am getting excited about school! It is a
little over a week and I will be going back. I will
leave prolly on Thursday or Wednesday night by bus to
Spokane, because Katty wants to go to Glacier Park
with her Mom, Jen the Great, and I. I am really
excited about this trip! Unfortunately it leaves me
less time at work, which sucks, so I might offer to
work a little at school for Seattle Lab if they want
me too. We will see how that works out; I have a lot
of tough classes next semester so I don't know how
feasible it would be. The good thing is that I only
have 4 classes, so that means I have a good amount of
non-class time. (Note I don't say free time, hehe)

Trev's Housing

Well it has been a great summer living with Floyd and
Dar. It has really been a fun experience and I look
forward to visiting them again in the future after I
leave for school. When I go to Pullman I will have a
new address and I will be moving in on the 21st after
Katty and I return from Montana. My new address is:
Trevor Menagh
East 63 McEachern Hall
Pullman, WA 99163
So, like send me stuff or something. :) I am so happy
that I am living in an age-restricted dorm. It is 22
and older only in the area I will be living. I am
really excited.

Trev's Trips

Well, as some of you know Signe and I went to a
wedding in August for my good friend Justin Fischer
who is one of my D&D buddies at college. (Yes I STILL
play D&D, hehe) The wedding was beautiful and both
Signe and I really enjoyed going to it over in Idaho.
Well the bummer came when we tried to get back to
Frank's wedding in Tacoma. (Frank is a High School
buddy of mine) We couldn't make it the wedding, which
is a darn shame since I REALLY wanted to see Frank
again AND see the first of the BDC get hitched, but
Signe's car broke down in Spokane. After spending the
ENTIRE day in Spokane the doodz at Pep Boys said that
they couldn't find the parts to fix the car but it
would be ok to drive home.
So we are driving home and the car is shaking like a
dead monkey on crack and all of the sudden BOOM and I
see a piece of something fly away from the car (ohoh),
we pull over and the right front tire had the treads
ripped off of it. So Signe and I suck it up and change
the tire!
We then drove the 5-hour drive back home and got to
Uncle Floyd's place around 1am, eck!
So I am very sorry I missed Frank's big day, but I am
hoping to be able to get away from school and work one
weekend and go down to Tacoma to visit.

Trev's Computers

Well, as many of you know my old laptop computer
(poruno) is dead. LONG LIVE ILPALAZZO-SAMA! (my NEW
computer) yeaaaaaah, that's right NEWNEWNEW! It is as
Duron 600, 128Mb RAM, 20.4Gb HD, 48x CD-ROM, Midtower,
3.5" Floppy, ATI 8Mb Video card, (onboard sound),
10/100 NIC, 5 PCI, 1 ISA slot on board, 230Watt Power
supply. I am VERY happy with it., this is the first
new PC (IBM-based) I have bought since I worked at
Fry's Electronics back in '95.
I will be selling my laptop (with a note saying that
it will cost $400 to fix!) As for my other 'puters I
haven't seen them in years so... hehe.

Trev's Anime

Grrrrr, Sazuma STILL hasn't sent me my FLCL Vol. 2 DVD.
Man 3 is almost out. (Sigh!) On well, what can you do,
I haven't been watching too much new stuff, but I
guess that once the club starts up again in the Fall
all that will change.
I heard that last year the club sucked the llama's
arce, so I will make sure that this year will WHIP the
llama's arce! Woohoo!
On another note I have been watching Love Hina, Gate
Keepers, and Hand Maid May from my computer. I have a
friend at UPenn that digitized them for a bunch of us.
Those are all awesome shows! You guys should check
them out if you get the chance.
That and my first issue of Afternoon should be coming
in the mail any day now. I am excited that I can read
my favorite comics from Japan once again!

Well that's about it for this short version of the
Trev Report. I will write again in a month, in the
meantime, let me know you all are still alive!

Take care,
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