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Trevor's Swingin' Report Show!

(gomen ne, nihongo dake hanasu hito, kedo takusan e-mail o get hito wa eigo
dake wakarimasu. Sorekara, kono e-mail wa eigo dake. Demo, daijoubu, ne?
Ohmine-kaasan wa eigo o yomu noga ichiban jouzu desune? ^_^)

Hi everybody, and welcome once again to another one of those magical Trev
Reports, where you (the reader) can learn all about what I (The Trevor) have
been doing lately. And now on with the news:

Trev's Lovelife

Well, things are still going strong with Signe and I We haven't seen each
other in 3 weeks though because of my being in California for the last two
weekends and the weekend before that I was meeting up with some friends.
So this weekend will be our together weekend, and I am looking very forward
to that. I am glad that we are at a point in our relationship that we can
tolerate long periods of time apart and still feel close to each other.

Trev's 1st trip to Cali

Well, a couple weekends ago I was down in California visiting the family for
Stephen's (my younger bro.) graduation from Van Nuys HS. (woohoo!) It was a
good trip, and I got a chance to visit a few friends while I was there, it
was nice to see everyone again and be back at the school again. All those
memories came flooding back.
On Sunday Dad and I also went out to the Fisherman's Wharf to a place dear
to my heart, it was a touching trip that brought back a lot of wonderful
memories from when I was a child.
Of course when I left, I was already planning to return to So Cal 4 days

"All hail CHAIR!"

Yes, Anime Expo this year was amazingly great for me this year! It was
highlighted by a number of things. One of the most exciting of which was
meeting all the people that I chat with everyday in #fansubs on Efnet (an
IRC channel). We hung out and did stuff together, that was a very cool
thing; finally being able to put faces to all the people I talk to daily.
It was also good to see the crew from Washington again, Rik, Jong, Frank,
Katty, Sempai, and Isaac for the first time. I also got the opportunity to
meet the guy who runs A Fan's View (www.fansview.com) and also the famous
Kevin Caldwell, maker of all those great music videos.
The best part of the con were the panels though. Yu Watase (FY, Ceres) was
there, as well as Takada Akemi (Creamy Mami, KOR). The producer and director
of LoGH, the president of Studio Pierrot (who have done a LOT of stuff),
Gonzo team (including Gotoh, the character designer of Nadeshiko and
Gatekeepers), among others!
I loved the panels this year. They were exciting, informative, fun, and all
around enjoyable.
I also got the fortune to get an autograph from Ms. Takada, and I bought her
portfolio with a signed (to me) KOR print, which I am getting framed.
I met the artists from Pendako (pendako.syste.ms) and got a signed print
from them that is framed, as well as a google of posters. One of the posters
I got is an extremely rare, over 10 years old beautiful MI poster that I
think I am going to frame, even though it will cost me a pretty penny.
I stayed with Brian and Scott at the Disneyland Pacific hotel, and over the
four day convention it was calculated over 9,700 people showed up! At
closing ceremonies Mike announced that next year will prolly be hosted at
the Long Beach Convention Center, it seems we have outgrown Anaheim!
I decided that I wanted to have good seats for the Masquerade this year, so
at 2:15am Saturday morning I decided to stand in line for 7 hours straight
to get good tickets for the show. Surprisingly there was already someone in
front of me! Well, at least I got to be second in line, it was great fun,
someone else came who was 3rd in line and he had a boom box, so we sat on
the ground and sang karaoke for 7 hours straight until I had no more voice
to do it with. The seats were great! We were in the third row right in front
of the people from ADV and Bandai. The assigned seating worked perfectly.
The chair joke (at the top) refers to the chants of chair whenever someone
walked onstage with a chair. We all chanted praise to our Ikea-made god as
the master of ceremony just shook his head.
A lot of big announcements at AX too. The one that put a smile on my face is
that ADV will be putting out Excel Saga, so soon you too will hail
At the LoGH panel they showed the El Facil episode of the Side Stories,
showing how Yang became the Hero of El Facil.
Ganzo team also premiered I new show that should be coming out in the
Fall/Winter season called VanDread, and I won a poster for that, it looks
like it will be a fun show.
In Pierrot/Takada Akemi news, they are completely remaking everyone's 1982
favorite magic girl show, Creamy Mami! It is a complete reanimation of the
series, and I for one am extremely excited about it!
One thing that the con did for me this year is peak my curiosity for Mahou
Shoujo shows, and I am looing forward to educating myself in that genre. (so
if you have tapes raw or otherwise hook me up!!!)
It really is interesting to see the way anime is going these days, it seems
that it is getting way more popular in America and less and less popular in
Japan. We will see in the next few years, but it really is an exciting time
for anime in American right now.
I urge you all interested in anime to show it to your friends, get others
interested too, support the American companies, and keep on watching!
Oh, and if you want pictures (I know you want pictures!) they can be found
here at: jumex.homepage.com/pictures.html I also have all my pictures
from Japan up there too! So check it out!

Trev's Computers

Well, they are still working (thank goodness), I am looking into buying an
External USB CD-RW for my laptop, but I am being wishy-washy about it. I'll
need to do it before I leave for Pullman, unless SL lets me keep my work
'puter. (:p~)

Trev's Work

Haha, it goes well! I am making progress on my project! It is fun stuff, I
am just having to remember all the stuff I learned last year about all the
internal stuff here. I won't be missing any more days of work though (thank
goodness) since I need all that money to pay off my Credit Card bill. ^^;;;

Trev's School

Well it looks like I will be returning to school sometime mid August, living
in McEachern East E63, if I remember right. I am looking forward to

Well, that's about it for this report. I will see you all next month for
another exciting report on my life!
Hope to hear from all of you soon!


Trevor Menagh, Washington State University
ICQ# 9245144
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