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Hello everybody! There are some old faces and many new ones this
time around for the Trev Report. I have added a lot of new
addresses from friends I made in Japan, and even people I met on a
plane. But enough about that, let's get on with the first American
Trev Report in 10 months.

Trev's Lovelife

Well, I have to say it is good to be back home with Signe, it has
been a long time and we had a lot of catching up to do, but I
think that things came through ok, and I can say we survived 12
months apart from each other. This next year will be a big one for
the both of us as we figure out where we will stand in each
other's lives. It will be exciting to see what finally happens 12
months from now, when we both have our undergraduate degrees. :) I
love her, I love her lots, and I feel real lucky to have Signe as
a part of my life.

Trev's Living Arrangements

Well, as most of you know I am staying with my Uncle Floyd and
Darlene this summer on the outskirts of Bellevue. It was real nice
of them to put me up for the summer. I think that everything will
work out great over here. Both Floyd and Dar are real nice to me
and I really like it here. :)

Trev's Work

I decided to go back to Seattle Lab for various reasons, and it is
interesting seeing how things have changed over the last year. A
Paris, France based software company has acquired Seattle Lab,
which allows the small firm furthered economic backing for
marketing and staff increases. In fact 3 other people were hired
on the same day I was. Although the number of people is still
relatively small (under 40) growth potential is still there.
I will be working on some MIME-related mail filters for the server
software, so I have been filling my time at work reading RFCs and
looking on the web for MIME stuff. I don't have usenet access at
work anymore, but I think I will be able to get by without it.
I just got my computer last night (Friday) right before I left
work, so I will be setting that up on Monday.

Trev's School

Graduation at KGU went without too many tears. It was sad to say
goodbye to everybody, but hopefully I will get a chance to meet
you all again in the future.
As for next semester, I have decided to only take 4 classes, but
those classes will be rather tough: Introduction to Artificial
Intelligence, Introduction to Databases, Operating System
Architecture, Software Engineering. All of them are senior level
programming classes. I am a little nervous, but I think that I
will be able to survive. I am a little concerned since I will
basically know no one in any of my classes, and I will definitely
need some helping hands, especially in Operating Systems, that is
hard class.
I am also hoping to get an assistantship wish one of the
researchers at the school working with AI research. So I am
crossing my fingers with that one. I really want some type of
income when I return to school, but we will see.

Trev's Post-Graduate Plans

Maybe it is too early to start thinking about it, but I don't
think so. I have limited my options down to three: Grad School in
CS, Work for an Anime company in the US, Work for a Computer
company in the US.
I have already started my research into grad schools and have sent
out request for applications to about 20 schools on the west coast,
and I will be sending out some more requests in the next week.
With a whooping 3.1 GPA I might have trouble getting in, but I
won't get in if I don't at least attempt to. So I am attempting
away! :) I am also buying a book on the GRE and starting to study
for it.
As for company research, I have all the anime companies in the US
researched and come January I will start contacting them about
possible jobs, by that time I should have all my grad school apps
sent out. I don't know how feasible it is to work in the anime
field, but I think I will at least try to apply to places, I think
I have experience enough to get in somewhere, and it is a passion
of my, as we all know.
Well, finally I have to research computer companies, and I will
start sending in resumes to those companies mid-semester in Spring.
Some of the companies I am thinking about are HandSpring, Palm, SL,
Microsoft, HP, etc. I really want to be either in the Silicon
Valley or Western Washington. I really loved Northern California,
and I look forward to returning one day. :)

Trev's Anime

Well, nothing much on the anime front these days. I sometimes get
the opportunity to watch a MPEG4 encoded video of a show here and
there, but I have a budget that I am enforcing on myself. I need
to save my money and pay off my bills, and that will take control
and effort. So wish me luck everybody!
The most recent stuff I have watched was the first Crest of the
Stars and I am getting through Excel Saga.
So it looks like I won't be buying tons of DVDs anytime soon, nor
that Codefree DVD player I want. :)

Trev's Computer

It's doing good. I have a new one for work too, with Windows 2000
on it, so that is fun stuff. I don't think I will be able to
afford a new computer like I wanted, but then again I have 4
already. :P~ I was thinking on getting a Win2000 box for
development and games, but I suppose it will wait until next
summer. :) For now it is the budget!

Trev's Budget

OK, what can I afford? Here's the thing. I think I will buy some
new clothes. Signe is a great clothes-picker-outer-helper-
girlfriend-like-person and I value that. I will save some mad cash
to go to the debauchery that will be Anime Expo 2000, and I will
have some toss around money to wine and dine the woman I love and
to properly hang out with my friends over here, like Matt and
Scott. Gosh, I also really want to get over to visit Katty and Jen
the Great at least once before I get thrown back into school.
I think I am creating a lot of stress for myself these days. Poor
Signe has to deal with me too, but I think once things get moving
and the planning stages of the game is over I will feel a lot
better. (I will feel a lot better when I have my Visor, a handheld
organizer, here too.)

Well, my future is unwritten, which makes it a little scary a
little exciting and always interesting. To Signe, I love you with
all my heart and soul. To everyone else, I bid you a fair day and
I hope to hear from you all soon.

Take Care,

PS: for those of you on ICQ please feel free to ICQ me at the
number below in that uniform RFC 822 standard signature file. Also
for you new people, please check out my personal website in the
bottom of the same signature file. :)
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