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"Did it make sense not to live for fun?
Your brain gets smart, but your head gets dumb."
-- Smash Mouth, 'All Star'

Hello all, and welcome once again to the Trev
Report. It has been a long nine months in Japan
and I am looking forward to going home in a
couple weeks. It was an exciting trip, one that
I will never forget. ^.^

Trev's Lovelife

Well, needless to say, I am looking forward to
going home and giving Signe a great big hug.
Things have gone smoothly between us over the
last 9 months and I am really happy about that
and I will be glad when we are back together
again. :)

Trev's Housing

The Homestay is doing well, everyone is in good
health. My host father's brother's wife passed
away recently so he has been away for a while,
but besides that things are going real well.
This summer, Uncle Floyd has offered to put me
up, so I am looking forward to that. We will
prolly talk more about it at the reunion next
As for next year, I have confirmed that I will
be staying in McEachern East, room E63, I think.
Where is everyone else at WSU staying next year?
I hear that McCroskey is closing down so I know
at least Mike (stop hitting on my girlfriend)
Higgins will prolly be in Orton, ne? Scott, you
too? Inquiring minds want to know!

Trev's School

Well, I just finished my ten-page paper on "The
Wakó in Japanese/Korean foreign relations in the
Early Muromachi Period (1350-1419)." (For those
who don't know the Wakó were the Japanese
pirates who raided the Korean and Chinese
coastlines throughout the Pre-Modern Era)
Exciting stuff! I also finished my six-page
final paper in Youth Culture on Sexuality in
Japan that was not too bad to write. I have an
in class Japanese essay to write on Monday in
Reading and Writing, but I am not too concerned
with that since I don't really find composition
that hard in Japanese. On Thursday I have my
final quiz in Youth Culture, and the rest of my
finals from Monday to Wednesday the week after
in Japanese and History.
My next semester classes are up on my personal
web page so if you want to check it out, go for
it. I am taking 4 senior level CS classes and
Third Semester Japanese, so I don't lose my
Japanese skills, which I am grossly afraid of.
Speaking of...

Trev's Work

I am trying to decide where to work this summer.
The choices are Seattle Lab, where I worked last
year, and WestTek, a company that expresses
interest on getting me this summer. Ok, I am
having a hard time deciding since both places
have good things going for them. Seattle lab is
a place that I know. I know the people, I know
what kind of stuff I would be working on, and I
know the environment is nice to work in. I had a
real good time last summer and I am sure it
would go equally as well this time. On the other
hand WestTek is offering me something completely
new. What they do is work on embedded system and
low level programming, something I enjoy, and
currently they are working on an LCD projector
project for Sony, Epson, and Panasonic in Japan.
WestTek wants to use me to program some of the
Japanese features of the projector systems. I
would be useful since I would be the only one in
the company with a technical background AND a
working understanding of Japanese. It is rather
tempting, since I would be able to put my
Japanese to work right away as well. They are
both on the East Side, so location isn't a
concern, and I am assuming that the pay scale
for either job would be either equal or a little
bit more than I got last year, so money isn't a
concern either. Well, I will decide soon. (sigh,
I hate decisions...)

Trev's Summer Travel

Ok, work aside; I have definite summer travel
plans. I get back to Seattle on May 21, where
Signe will promptly steal me away for a few days
and then the two of us are off to the family
reunion in Omaha. I am hoping that the hotel is
already reserved, since I haven't made any plans
for that. In any case the two of us return from
the Midwest on May 31, Signe will start up work
at the Movie Theater in Port Townsend and I will
do...whatever I decide to do.
On June 22-25 I will be flying down to
California to attend Stephen's Graduation from
Van Nuys. (My own High School of years ago,
Woohoo!) It will be nice to visit with the
family again, since it has been such a long time
since I have seen everybody in California.
Then on the 4th of July weekend I will be flying
down to California again, either to The Antelope
Valley or Anaheim to attend Anime Expo 2000 at
the Disneyland Hotel. I am registered with the
Expo, Brian got us a room across the street and
I am pumped to say the least! Oh, Brian when you
read this send me an e-mail so we can coordinate
when I fly down and go back and stuff, I would
sort of like to have an extra day to hang out,
but I don't know if that will work out or not.
Also, Scott do you know if you are coming? If
you are, you know you have a room with us! I
know a lot of you are going to be there as well,
and I am looking forward to meeting up with all
of you there too! (Esp. Katty! You are coming,
aren't you?)
Also I will probably come down for Stephen's
Eagle Court, but the date for that isn't set yet.
My buddy Frank is getting married on August 5 in
Washington, so I will probably be going to that
as well.
Those are currently my summer plans, but I also
want to visit all the people I haven't seen in
years, especially Jen and Sara who (last I
heard) will be off to Japan pretty soon! And
once I get settled in Seattle this summer I am
looking forward to visiting everybody on the
Westside before I go back!

Trev's Anime

Wow, that last one was long. Nothing much new on
the anime front. I am coming home with over 40
tapes full of anime recorded off of TV this
semester, so that will be nice to show the club.
They were even speaking of reopening the raw
hour because of it. On top of the tapes I will
be bringing back the DVDs I have been buying
which include Excel Saga (DVDs 1-3), FLCL (DVD
1), Infinite Ryvius (DVD 1), The Candidate for
Goddess (DVD 1), Turn A Gundam (DVD 1) <-- You
will love this Scott!, Boogie Pop Phantom (DVDs
1-2), The DVD Special Edition of Otaku no Video,
and a couple other goodies. Lots of good stuff
is coming out lately, and with things coming out
faster in America you will probably see these
titles coming out pretty soon.
I am also planning on buying the Maison Ikkoku
DVDs as they come out individually, since it is
my all-time favorite series EVER in the entire
universe EVER! (I just couldn't blow the $1300
at once to get the DVD box set. ;_;) I also have
a list a mile long of DVDs I will be getting
when I return. Fortunately I found a place on
the Net that sells Import DVDs at near price.
(http://www.sazuma.com) So I will be able to
feed my addiction at home as well. :)

Trev's Computer

Not much to say on this front either. It is
looking good, the repair job is great and it is
working better than ever. It is littered with
stickers though. I like stickers, tehe.
I have been writing reviews for Fan-made AGI
games that will eventually be put up at
http://agisci.cjb.net/. AGI, for those of you
who don't know, is Sierra's Adventure Game
Interpreter and it is what Sierra games from the
mid-1980s were written in. In other words, it
was my childhood. So needless to say I really
enjoy playing these games.
Speaking of writing, I have written an editorial
and a couple reviews that EX
(http://www.ex.org/) said that they would accept,
so in the very least I will be in the Letters
section of EX. (EX is one of the best Anime
Magazines on the Internet, run by the Society
for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, who are
also responsible for Anime Expo.) So wish me
luck on that!

Trev's Music

A short little tiff on my new music since last
time. I got the new Sentimental Bus single,
since it just came out and it is cool as always.
(Of course I am bais, since I am a big fan.) I
also got the pillows single "Ride On Shooting
Star," the end song for FLCL. It came with a big
sticker which is now on my laptop, and the song
rocks rocks rocks! I totally love it, Gainax
made a good choice when they went with the
pillows for the music for FLCL!
My MD player is still working fine, I totally
love it, having a music source that is so small,
with such a long battery life that never skips
is almost too good to be true. Hey Jay (NY Jay),
do you find it hard to get blank MDs in the
States? I am a little concerned with that but
not much. :)

Trev's Stuff

I will be shipping 2 or 3 more boxes to Katty
within the next week by boat, so they should
arrive sometime in the summer, besides that I
will have the equivalent of way too much junk on
my way home, but I think I will be able to
manage. :)

Trev's Friends

Everybody at KGU, I need your addresses and
permanent e-mail addresses when you get home,
also Casim, if I could steal that list of
people's e-mail addys you have been making that
would be great too. I want to be able to stay in
touch with everybody when I return. It should be
a lot easier with 24/7 e-mail access, IRC (Efnet
baby, Woohoo!), and ICQ. For you all without ICQ,
I do also have Yahoo Messager, AIM, and MSN
Messager, but I do highly prefer ICQ. Send me
your Ids if you have them!
Chris, I loved your Norwescon report, it was
great. I would love to see some pics of you all
dressed up in your suit of armor. :)
Dani, I don't usually mention it, but I really
like reading your messages and I am looking
forward to seeing you again when I get back.
Adam, stop hitting on my girlfriend. :P~ I was
actually impressed when I heard that you still
read these, I guess people do really care. :)
Christie, Thank you SOOO much for the birthday
candy I totally loved it! I hope we will have a
chance to meet up in Cali this summer, but for
sure around Christmas time! I look forward to
seeing you again!
Katty, if I haven't mentioned it lately, you
rock. I simply don't know what I would do
without a friend like you.
Also, I want to say one last thank you, and that
is to Sisley-sensei, whom without this trip
would have not been possible. Thank you again
for getting me interested in Japanese and
encouraging me to take this trip! You are the
best, good luck with Grad School, now that I
have friends in Ohio I might just be able to
visit sometime. (Oh, I need the Sai's e-mail
address, I don't think I have it yet.)

Well, that is about it for this Trev Report, so
let me leave you with a wonderful little quote
from a high quality band. See you all next time!


"They call me Doctor Worm. Good Morning. How are
you? I'm Doctor Worm. I'm interested in things.
I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real worm."
-- They Might Be Giants, 'Doctor Worm'
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