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Hello once again from that wonderful little country we in the West like to call Japan, a name originated from the Porguese during their trading in the late Warring States period (1542 was the date of the arrival of the first Porguese traders to arrive on Tanegashima, introducing guns into Japan) which continued until the Tokagawa Bakufu cut off trade with the outside world (with the exception of the annuel missions of the Dutch to the capital now in Edo, Present-day Tokyo, helping introduce western science and medicine into Japan) for some 200 years until Admiral Perry came into Japan with his "Black Ships of Change" in the 1850s, which many say lead to a sort of chain reaction starting with the Meiji Restroation of 1868 and climaxing with the Japanese Expansionist policy in the Second World War.
But enough of fun history facts, onto the life and times of everyone's favorite Trevor, and what he has been doing for the past month!

Trev's Lovelife

I tell you, I am looking forward to going home to Signe. I think that 2 days in 12 months isn't enough time. I am excited to see her again. We have a lot of catching up to do with each other and I think that things will be good with us after I return. We have been talking about after college and what we want to do, but that is still a far way off, and my main objective now is just to get home to her, that will be the first step. I still love her more than ever and I am looking forward to reliving that love.

Trev's Spring Break

Friend Emily and I went to Tokyo for our week-long Spring Break. It was real fun, we saw the National Museum and the Museum of Western Art among other things. Emmers is a Art major and consiqunely a big art fan, and I like art too so we were off, it was great fun! It was an exciting week and a good break from all the twists and turns of studying and what has become the same-old-same-old around here. We also found the motherload of all Tokyo anime shopping districts: Ikebukuro, thanks to Jen the Great for telling me about that. There were like 3 or 4 anime shops in the one area, and a Toys R Us to boot! I got a bunch of DVDs and a model of Ri Kouran from Sakura Taisen, who is totally my favorite anime character ever (BTW: the ST3 voice actors have been announced, check it out at ANS, www.animenewsservice.com).

Trev's Homestay

The homestay family is good. Things are going well, I am totally treated as a part of the family. Lately I have been busy studying and the such, so I don't spend too much time with them, but they totally expect that. Okaasan is alway talking about these other homestay students that are always home and how annoying it is, so I feel like we are doing ok. As for the language barrier, I really don't even notice it anymore. I can totally understand it when they talk (that's what watching 1000s of hours of anime will give you, good listening skills) and I am able to get my point across even though my speaking skills aren't the best in the world. For all of you that knew them, Noriko is doing well, she just finished her Spring Break and is going back to school tomorrow in a new class. The little puppy, 'Chammy-chan,' is also doing well, she is as lively as ever as is always excited when I get home. I think that the Okaa is a little jealous, but it's all in good fun. :)

Trev's School

School is school, my history class is great, I love learning all about history and such, it is really fun to read about these events and talk about them. I have always been fasinated in History, and it is nice whenever I get a chance to learn more. My youth culture class is also interesting, the field trips are the best though. That was the class that I went to the Comic City with, and coming up this weekend I will be going to Takurazuka, which is a all female revue troupe. They are reenacting a manga based on the Tale of Genji, the first novel ever written. That should be really fun to see. The language classes are also coming along just fine, not really hard stuff.

Well, 'Pioneer,' just came on the MP3 player, and all of you know what that means...

Trev's Anime

BTW: for those who don't know, 'Pioneer' is one of the greatest songs in the entire universe, the English version is the only thing to listen to, too. "Did you know I am a Pioneer, I'm out on a secret mission, I traveled the galaxy and far beyond..." So many memories...
Anyway, anime. I got three new DVDs recently, Infinite Ryvius Vol. 1, Boogiepop Phanton Evolution 1, and Excel Saga HeNo 1. They are all high quality shows, and I suggest you all check them out once they come to the States. Let's see, on the TV front things have been real quiet the last few weeks. All the shows have either stopped for a week or two or ended. GTO ended a few weeks back, they finished reshowing Orphen, the first season of Digimon ended the week before last, and they finished reshowing Sakura Taisen a while ago. Next week everything starts up again, One Piece will be having a 1 hour special where they will prolly introduce the 5th and final main character, Miami Guns will pick up again with the 8th episode, the will start showing Orphen Revenge which is the sequel to Orphen, and the second Digimon series will continue. There are a lot of new shows coming out too which is exciting, besides Gainax's new release the OVA FLCL on the 26th of this month there is a number of TV shows premiering this month including the anime version of the rather popular manga 'Love Hina,' coming on Tokyo TV starting the 19th, Gate Keepers which actually started this Monday on WOWOW (I missed recording the first episode, DOH!), which is a series Newtype has been hyping, the much awaited Sakura Taisen TV show starts this Sunday, and finally our friends at WOWOW are starting up three new SciFi series, only one of which I can read (the others have kanji I don't know, sorry guys, I'm not fluent yet), but the other one is 'NieA_7' which looks cool. In good news Jen, from Austrailla Jen, said she was going to record stuff from WOWOW and Osaka TV for me again, which I am excited about, I think I will have her start this Saturday! Waiwai! Thanks Jen! On the video front, I am renting Revolutionary Girl Utena and I am almost through the series, which is actually really interesting if you can get through all the bleeding cut scenes and predictable duels, well, I think things will heat up soon so I am keeping my hopes up. I also recently rented the first tape of Corrector Yui (My mega fav magic girl ever), and that is high quality as well. I need to figure out what seires to rent next though...hmm decisions decisions. :)

Trev's Computer

First I want to publically thank Charles for his offer to fix my computer, I was about to ship it off to my Dad when the school got a call from Acer of Japan saying that they would fix my computer for free even though I don't have the International Travelers Warrenty Card since I am a student and have been really understanding with their rules. So I just shipped it off to them the other day and hopefully I will get it back before I leave Japan on the 21st of May, all we can do is wait. As for now, my host family has gotten the computer from one of their friend's house since they weren't using it and put it in my room for me to play with. They refuse to get internet access, making it nearly useless to me, but at least it now functions as an alarm clock, word processor, and message board, which is good enough for me now.

Trev's Music

OK, MD players are cool. They don't skip, they last a long time, they make near perfect recordings (when using an optic cable), and the special limited editions smell like cheese when you scrach them (cool!). Anyway, I like mine, I have a lot of things on MD, Eric continues to give me MDs of his music which is all Japanese Indies bands and DJ sets, I have picked up a few things myself, as well as renting CDs from Tsutaya, the local rental sore, like YMO Go Home, a high quality YMO Album.

Trev's Friends

Everyone seems to be doing good over here, the same generic drama drags on with everybody, nothing really radically different happens with us over here in Gaidai land. School just started today for the Japanese students, but that is about it.

Trev's Future

Well as for right after I get back, most of you know I will be going to Nebraska with Signe for my cousin Nathen's wedding and an Else Family reunion, we return on the 31st of May.
After that I want to start working at Seattle Lab as I did last semester. I need to confirm that it is still ok for me to return there this summer, or I need to make a mad rush to figure out where to intern this summer. If I am OKed to go back to SL this summer, I want to find out if I can stay at the SLApartment situated close by and last time I heard housing some of the non-area staff, or I need to make a mad rush to find accomidations in the area (that's Kirkland/Redmond folks). I'm actually missing Seattle, I look forward to returning to it, not to mention Pullman. :)
Then after that I have one more year to complete my CS degree at WSU (officially it is a BSCS specializing in Artifical Intellegence with emphasis in Japanese Area Studies), my Fall 2000 schedule will be as follows:

CS422 Software Engineering MWF 10:10-11:00AM in Murrow 54
CS440 Intro to AI TuTh 09:10-10-25AM in Sloan 9
CS451 Intro to Databases TuTh 12:00-13:15AM in Sloan 150
CS460 OS Architecture MW 07:45-09:00AM in Sloan 7

Hey Scott, are we in any of the same classes next semester, I think I will need the help, especially in 460!
I will be living in McEachern next semester (the above 23 dorm) so it will be nice and quiet, but I am sure my friends and I will be able to find places to hang out and do nerdy anime stuff.:) Hmm, I think I will buy another computer when I get back too... tehe.
I am also looking into continuing my education in Artifical Intellegence or (brace your ears) History, so I will be working on studying for the GRE and getting applications out there for Grad schools in the next year. I really want to stay on the West Coast, but we will see where it takes me.
I am also keeping my options open with employment, and I will start working on finding companies I want to work at, either in Seattle or the Silicon Valley, since I really like it down there. I am also looking into the possibility of entering the anime business in America, since I love the stuff so much and I believe that I would be able to attack it with a vivrant passion. Finally I am considering the options of going into business as a consultant with some friends, but much work still needs to be done on that front. So I have a lot of options about the future to think about and a lot of time to think about them and narrow down my options and decisions. This next year should be an exciting one for shaping my future.

Well that's enough of my silly ranting, let me leave you with another fun Japan fact. Did you know that the Japanese currency is actually called 'en?' Then why do we call it 'yen?' The truth is that historically the port of call for foreign traders in Japan has been the southern-most of the four main Japanese islands, Kyushu, which has a unique 'ben' or dialect, where the 'e' sound is pronounced 'ye,' thus 'en' becomes 'yen' to the foreign traders in Kyushu, this term caught on world wide and has never gone uncorrected. You might have heard of the term 'Nippon' used for Japan as well, this is also a result of that 'Kyushu ben,' where the 'ho' sound is sometimes pronounced 'ppo,' thus changing 'Nihon,' the Japanese name for Japan to 'Nippon.' Now you know!

Take care everybody!


PS: I love you bestest of all, Poohbear! ~.~
PPS: Ahh look at that cool RFC821 standard signature, it's just beautiful. :), remember kids start with '-- <CR>' (that is dash-dash-white space-return) and keep within 4 lines after it!
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