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Hi all, and welcome once again to the Trev Report. It's March and you
all know what that means! It is Dr. Suess's birthday! (and mine, it was
on the 2nd and I am now a ripe old 23 years old, woohoo!) Well, on with
the news:

Trev's Lovelife

It's been over six months
since I hugged Signe or even seen her for that matter. It is starting to
become taxing, and I am very much looking forward to coming home and
snuggling with her again. It has been just a little too long. I love
Japan, but I am looking forward to seeing Signe again.

Trev's Computers (or lack there of)

For those of you who haven't heard
me bitching about it for the past few weeks, my Notebook is broken. It
got rain inside it, and stupid me turns it on before it dries out and
bam, no computer, and the Support Center in Japan won't help me without
a Warrenty card I don't have. Suck. On top of it all, my PalmPilot's
screen cracked all to hell the other day, but that is all good, since
Mike Chu said that he would mail me a new screen (sweet)! So what does a
nerd do in Japan without his trusty computer...

Trev's Anime

He buys a DVD Player, the Sony DVP-F11, and he buys lots of
Anime DVDs and wathces them, thus proclaiming their goodness! I bought
the Otaku no Video DVD Rerelease the day it came out! (Woohoo!) That and
he records LOTS of anime from TV, I already have about 20 tapes full and
I am getting more everyday, it's really cool. I think that my two
current favs on TV now are One Piece and Miami Guns, they are cool
shows. And guess who is going to a Comic Market this weekend!!! That's
Right. I am going to the Super Comic City this Saturday at Osaka Intex,
they say there will be 7,000 boothes and over 20,000 mad otaku there!
That is almost 4x as large as AX, which is the largest con in America.
But this bad boy is one day only, so I am stocking up on disposable
cameras, bringing a wad of cash for dojinshi and looking forward to a
day of funfunfun!

Trev's Spring Break

Well, Emily
(my friend Emily) and I went over to try to get plane tickets to Korea,
but it is hella-spencive! So we have decided to go to Tokyo instead. It
will be super fun, I was only in Tokyo once, and I am looking forward to
going again. Oh, Jen the Great, can you send me a list of good places to
check out, this time I want to do it right! (Not that last time was
wrong, but I want to know where I am going this time...at least to a
nominal extent)

Trev's Homestay

The Fam is doing good I
am really happy there. Jared's family rocks. It looks like they have
decided that I will be the last Homestay student that they will have.
Noriko (their 8 year old child) has decided that after I leave she
doesn't need any more Big Brothers, that she will be OK. So that is
cool. They are real caring and understanding of me too, which is good.
:) I have a ton of stuff still at the homestay though, I need to
eventually start shipping more and more stuff home, I think I will ship
a bunch of clothes home, I just shipped off a bunch of books (again) and
I have some toys and my DVD player too, but I might carry that one on,
we will see about customs...

Trev's Housing Situations

Which brings me to housing situations next
semester (and next summer). I am looking inot getting a single in Kamiak
or maybe living in McEachern next semester at school. I really want a
single pad though, to concentrate on my studying. I wanted Yakama (since
it is the only off campus apartments on the Ethernet, but they have a
waiting list a year long, so I am strongly leaning towards Kamiak, since
the 600~sq. ft. would be nice for friends to come over and to set up the
computers and video eqipment in, but McEachern would be doable too,
although a LOT smaller. Hmm... Oh and about this summer. I am hoping
that there might still be room for me at Seattle Lab this summer for me
(and if there is not, I will need to impliment a mad search for a job
for the summer, egads!). Well, if I can go back to SL, I was hoping that
I could be boarded up in the SLApartment for the summer if at all
possible. I don't want to put out the Francis's again this summer. They
were the best though, without their help I wouldn't have been able to
save the money I needed to to come to Japan in the first place.

Trev's School

It goes. I am doing fine just fine. Still working
on that Report on the Wakou, the Japanese Pirates from the 13th to the
16th century, climaxing in their power in the mid-1550s where their
activities helped cause the eventual fall of the Ming Dynastay. I also
have a 6 page Mid-Term paper due in my Youth Culture class next week,
along with a mid-term written test, in both Youth Culture and my History
class, eckkk! The Japanese is going well though. I'm hoping I will be
able to take more Japanese when I return to WSU, maybe at the UofI or

Trev's Cool Sig

Wow, look at that sig! It follows the standard signature rules, starting
with "-- <CR>" and limited to 4 lines under the required width!
Muhahaha, I'm such a dweeb! In any case that is about it for this
edition of the Trev Report, It looks pretty short this time, but nothing
big has happened this month. I look forward to hearing from all of you
(as I always am) and hope that you will stay in touch with me in the
future. Take care all!


PS: I love you the bestest and stuff, Poohbear! ~.~

Trevor Menagh, WSU Exchange Student, Kansai Gaidai
"So it goes." --Billy
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