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Hi all! It has been a while since the last Trev Report, and since
the computers are slow today and Steve from Canada complained that
he hasn't seen a Trev Report in like forever, well here we go!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe is doing well. The good news
with her is that it seems she will be getting an internship at a
restored theater in Port Townsend (The Rose) this summer. She is
very excited about it and although it isn't final yet, it looks
like she will be working there for sure! In the future, Signe
really wants to own and operate an old restored movie theater, so
this is definitely a step I the right direction. Our long distance
relationship is going well too, only around 4 months left until I
go home, it will have been a year since I have really seen her, but
I am very much looking forward to it.

Trev's Homestay

For those of you that haven't heard, I am living
with Jared's old Homestay family from last semester, the Ohmine's.
There is a mother, a father, and an 8-year-old girl named Noriko.
They are really wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better
family to follow up my great experience last semester with the
Okane's. I have a 6 tatami traditional room, with a TV and VCR so I
can watch my anime whenever. :) Instead of an apartment this
semester, I am living in a house, and I am only a 20-minute bike
ride away from school, so I am getting my daily dose of exercise.
All in all, things are going great here so far.

Trev's School

Well, it looks like level 3 Reading and Writing will
be a challenging class I will have to study a lot for it. Level 3
Spoken looks like it will be fun though, the teacher seems real
cool, and so I am really looking forward to that. As for my other
classes I am taking Japan and Its World to 1860, which is an
ancient history class about Japan's relations to its neighbors.
There is a research paper due in the class and I am thinking of
doing mine on the Wako, the Japanese pirates from the 13th and 16th
centuries. The other class I have is called Youth, Culture, and
Consumption: Explorations in the lives and lifestyles of youth in
Japan. It is an anthropology class about the youth culture in Japan
today. It looks real interesting, and one of the field trips is to
a Comic Mart in the Asian Trade Center that is coming up soon (I
don't know the name of it, but if anyone does please e-mail me),
and I am very much looking forward to experiencing it! Well that
leads well into...

Trev's Anime

Damned if I can find
the X TV show on anywhere, I have been looking in the newspaper
everyday for it, and I have tapes all bought and ready, if anyone
has any useful information on it that I don't know, please e-mail!
As for what I am watching these days, I am busting my way through
DT Eightron, it is a 1998 futuristic show, pretty cool, and totally
unhyped, I am actually lucky I found it all to rent! Dragon Ash (a
popular band over here) does the intro and most of the music is
cool, so I think I will have to find the soundtrack. I have had
little luck finding the complete Shin Hakkenden series to rent
anywhere, the most I have seen for rental is the first two tapes
(which I have watched). I totally love the series and want to find
the rest though. It is actually the very first anime I watched in
Japan that first night here. As for Turn-A Gundam (which is great
BTW) only the first 2 tapes are out at all, but I am watching them
right when they come out. It is good stuff. I have all but given up
trying to fill my current gap in Anime knowledge, I haven seen,
Berserk, SSO, CCS, Bebop, or any of the things metcha ninki right
now. So I am just watching what I can, One Piece, Kindaichi, the
things I can rent, etc. I might tackle some of the 1998 series
later, but if there is one thing you learn when you are in Japan,
there are WAY too much anime out there to keep up with the scene
really well, esp. without a network of fans (there is no club
here). Ah well... (Man, Duvet is SUCH a good song, I am SO buying
the Lain DVDs when I get back...and a DVD player. :P~)

Trev's Friends

Everybody seems to be doing well over here.
I have made a few new friends over here and kept some of the old
ones. All in all though it tends to be pretty mild this semester.
Eric, Jason, their friend Kyoko, and I all went out on Thursday
night to Nara to attend a festival over there, we watched as the
priests got rid of all the evil oni in the shrine, it was pretty
fun. I also have an extended family of sorts. My Host Mother's
younger brother has an Australian Homestay student (Luke from
Perth) and her Parents (my host grandparents) have a Homestay
student from Colorado (Sally). So every now and again we all get
together and chit chat and have a good time. Tomorrow (Sunday) we
are all going to do ceramics somewhere, so that should be fun. My
host cousins (Luke and Sally) are really cool; it's fun to get
together with them.

Trev's Music

I recently got the
new Yukari Fresh CD, "Cityrama," which is full of remixes and stuff
(so sayth Eric, who is WAY more knowledgeable of J-Indies than I to
say the least) and I picked up a mad little mixer from Instant
Café Records that is pretty sweet. Mr. Papp would love this
stuff! We also stumbled onto this place with $15 American CDs
(which is REALLY cheap here) and I picked up some old Aphex Twin,
sweet. I have also completed my collection of the Shin Hakkenden
soundtracks, I am proud to say, and I got the Lain op. single. I
think I will pick up one of the DT Eightron OSTs too. I shipped all
the J-pop stuff I currently have back home, but I think I will get
the old Utara Hikaru CD and the new Shena Ringo and Morning Musume
singles. As for music videos, I got the Love Machine video, the
Chotto Love video (from those 3 girls in Morning Musume), and the
new Shena Ringo video, which is mad cool. ...arggg, I am seriously
thinking about bowing down to the peer pressure that is the MD
Recorder...it's just so metcha bendi...grr, being able to rent and
record CDs is really tempting...and the MDs are SO cheap here.
Well, we'll see.

Trev's Computer

My computer is SO
jammed full with old school games. All the old Sierra stuff is on
here, Might and Magic 2 (the best CRPG ever, period), a SNES
emulator (SNES9X, I can't get the sound to work on stupid old ZSNES
which is a WAY better emulator), an Atari 8bit emulator, our
family's first computer was the Atari 400, Atari's very first 8bit
system, we also had an Atari 410 Data Recorder from which I played
Math Flash Cards...I still recall getting PC Computing magazine
with programs in it for you to type in, I recall one day my Mom
typed out an entire game for me, it was mega-cool! I have Digger on
here (one of my favorite and most memorable 8088 games, check it
out at www.digger.org), an Atari 2600 emulator (Stella), and
perhaps most cool of all: Fan-made AGI games, and AGI compiler so I
can design my own! For those of you that did not game in the late
80's AGI is Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter of which they made
their fame with the Quest series (like King's Quest, Space Quest,
LSL, etc.). AGI was the first reusable system EVER for the
Adventure game genre, and it is very dear to many of our hearts, a
good AGI/SCI (SCI was Sierra's second interpreter) website is
agisci.cjb.net, that place totally rocks! Besides that, my computer
is running great, oh and BTW both my resume and all the current
Trev Reports up to this one are up on my web site
(jumex.homepage.com) now, but all the Japan pictures are going to
have to wait until I return to a direct link-up with a fast T1 line
(hopefully back at Seattle Lab) this summer.

Trev's Homecoming

Maybe it is a little soon to be chatting about
it, but I will be coming home (to Seattle) on the 22nd of May and
spending a couple days with Signe and her family before her and I
head off to the family reunion on the 25th or 26th in Omaha,
Nebraska. Signe needs to be back on the 31st, I think she said, for
her internship, but we will see if we can work it all out, I want
to take her up to Elm Creek, but in any case I am staying long
enough to visit Mom's grave after the reunion. Then I am coming
back to Seattle for a few weeks until I need to go home to Cali for
Steph's graduation and Eagle Court, I still don't know that dates
for those, but with any luck they will be within a week of the July
the 4th weekend, because I need to go down to Cali then for Anime
Expo 2000, of which I still need to register (I think I will do
that soon, hope they take yen :P~), Brian has a hotel room reserved
across the street from the Disneyland Hotel for himself, Jen,
Scott, and I, so that is all taken care of. I am metcha metcha
looking forward to AX this year, it was GREAT last year and I am
very pumped about going again. After the 4th, I will come back to
Seattle and settle in for a nice relaxing summer of computer
programming, anime watching, and hanging out with everybody. Of
course I will have to find some time to catch Sara and Jen before
they run off to Japan (where I am right now, the Kansai region).

Trev's Future Plans

Wow, I have been thinking
about this one a lot lately. I have a lot of ideas still. The one
thing I know for sure is that I will be going back to WSU next year
and finishing up my CS degree and graduating, but beyond that I am
not sure. I could stick with application programming, it is stable
and I do like the challenge, but I want to look into game
programming as well, maybe a couple of you out there can tell me
the bonuses and pitfalls of those two ideas (actually I know a lot
of you can, so don't be withholding advice). Then there is always
Aaron's grand IT firm plan, and that would be very cool as well.
And of course there is my ultimate dream of opening an Anime
company, but I think that one will take a little more time, after I
go back to school and build some capital in industry. Eventually I
plan to go into grad school for computers, definitely Japanese, and
maybe even a MBA in Entrepreneurship, something that would be very
useful in running a company. Well there is lots of time still for
that, I know a lot of people now, but there are a lot more out
there to get to know, lots of connections that are good to have and
lots of good people have them with. In any case, these are just
things that have been running through my mind lately, and also any
excuse to come back to Japan periodically is also on my list of
things to seek out in the future. Well enough of my ranting, it is
late and I have to read more of this Zahn Star Wars novel Justin
let me barrow (It is pretty good, for you SW novel fans out there)
and head off to bed. Tomorrow will be busy with the ceramics and
the tons of homework and reading I have to do. Oh, that reminds me
I did my taxes, but I used an EZ form and didn't get as much as I
expected, so I am going through it again with the full form (I am
using www.webturbotax.com, the EZ version is free and the full
version is free for anyone who made under $20,000 last year), but
the connection at school is SOOO slow that it takes forever to do
things, so we will see how things turn out later. Good night all,
and I hope to hear from all of you soon!


PS: I love you the bestest, Pooh-bear. ~.~
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