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Hello everybody, and welcome once again to another edition of the
Trev Report. We are here today in rainy but beautiful Makino. On
with the news!

Trev's Lovelife

Signe is doing well.
It looks like I won't be able to call her every week anymore
though. The phone bill is too expensive for any of us to handle
anymore. If we could get the collect calls to the cell phone
working, then we could talk again but no luck yet. She is back in
school and taking it easy this semester. I am, of course, looking
forward to seeing her again, but I seem to be dealing with the
situation well over here. There is only about 4 months left in our
year apart. Yeah!

Trev's Computer

Well, I bought a
hub so all the nerds here in the dorm can connect their computers
to the network, and I am barrowing my roommate's CD burner and
making backups of my computer and burning CDs full of J-POP mp3s
and the such. Jason let me barrow his speakers too, so I am getting
mad sound too! My 'puter is pretty decked out now, I am running an
AppleTalk client so I can see all the macs, and I just got Bleem up
and working so I got some PSX games (VG 1 & 2, Graduation Real,
Princess Maker, and this side scroller called Gran Doll) and a USB
controller. So things will be nice here for the next week or two
while I am still here.

Trev's Anime

Actually, Jen's
Anime. I am currently looking for X Zero, the new Clamp TV series,
based off X 1999. I picked up the new Newtype today and it looks
like it will premiere 1/23 at 10:30pm, but I still need to confirm
that. There is this cool show that is on Tuesdays (I think) called
Ryvaius, and I totally love the animation. Also I just started
watching Shin-Hakkenden (there are only two tapes out so far), and
I just rented the first tape of Turn-A Gundam (It's the only out),
and it looks like the first tape of Dual will be coming out soon!
(Woohoo!) Oh and does anyone (Jeremy) know if the new Sakura Taisen
videos out are a new series or remakes of the OVAs? The first tape
just came out about a week ago. Oh, and I am looking for Debi!
Debi! For Katty, but I am having a hard time finding it, I think I
will have to go to some bigger stores for it.

Trev's Housing

The dorm life is alright, filled with drama and
deceit that goes along with 14 people, little money, and a small
place to live. Mostly we just watch movies and play on our
computers. It's uber-geek-land here. :) It will be nice to go back
to a Homestay though, I don't speak much Japanese around here.

Trev's Money

Trev is always worrying about money, but
if he is lucky he will make it all the way to May without crimson
death falling upon him.

Trev's Music

Your standard
J-POP stuff, Morning Musume, Tomomi Kahala, Ringo Shena, Glay,
Globe, Namie Amuro, Sentimental Bus, Judy and Mary, etc. My buddy
Eric is hella-into Japanese Underground and the such, so I am
getting a dose of that stuff too, Fab Cushion, Motocompo, and all
his Bassanova music, unique stuff.

Trev's Grades

those who care, I got an B+ in Spoken Japanese, an A- in Reading
and Writing, an A- in Dynamics of Modern Japan, and a B+ in
Japanese Society and Culture. That's it for this edition of the
Trev Report. Take care everybody, and I hope to hear from all of
you soon. And to everybody that wrote me I am sorry I haven't
replied, but it just got bogged down here. I am working on that
Shellyeah account, but I need to get a school account first, so
that won't be for a bit, but I am definitely on it. C-Chan, I am
glad you liked the present, and BTW I really love what you did to
your webpage Cool stuff! (ptw.com/~figure4/node) Scott,
the controller will be off soon! Promise, I just need to figure out
how I am going to ship the darned thing... :) Sean, glad the new
job is working out, I want to hear more about how you are doing and
your life and such when you get a chance to sit down and write. :)
And to the UG crew, I miss you guys. It is weird sometimes I will
see things that remind me of you guys. I hope you all had a great
break! And one last thing, Braindeaders, if you get a chance, I
would love a report on the Annual New Years party I missed this
year. Thanks for reading!

PS: Love you, Pooh-bear. ~.~
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