Moetan, English word book

Translated by Trevor Menagh


I'm always gonna be here by your side. Please don't worry...
I'll show you how to do it!

Ink Nijihara is in the 12th grade at the same school as her unrequited love. The spring when they where getting ready for their college enterance exams, Ink and he got put in the same class, and joyous feelings swelled up in her chest. By happy chance, she had been in the same class as him since they were very little. But, all her studying might be in vain to this very special, shy girl.

Ink It would be great if we went to the same college next year...

However, one day early in the new semester...he called Ink after finding our his depressing test results. And with that, her very modest dream was smashed to pieces.

Ink What will I do? Now, I can't go to the same college as him. Parting after high school is too horrible to think of!

But, she wasn't going to be meek, crying herself to sleep. She had reserved a secret plan, just in case something like this happened.

Ink Well, I could get embarressed or lose my way, but I must teach him!

She stood up straight and took her "Magical Phone" in her hand, and she said with a solumn face...


Thereupon, a dazzling light erupted from her and magical ribbons spun themselves about her arms. She was a magical girl!


And there stood a lovely magical girl.

Ink Magical Teacher Pastel Ink! I'll educate your heart!

Right then, she suddenly stopped speaking, and saw the clothes that she was now wearing, as if reflected in a mirror.

Ink Eep! This is the 21st century! The whole high school student turning into a magical girl fad is SO over! Moreover, this outfit is...a little perverted. I'm embarressed. I think I will change clothes.
Ah What are you saying! That's your magical girl uniform you are talking about. You need to transform into it to use your magic.

Suddenly, she saw a small funny-looking duck sitting next to her. Ink's cell phone strap transformed into "Ah." He borrowed her magical powers to return himself to his true form.

Ah Well, let's go, Ink! Only you can rescue him from his worrisome studies!
Ink I am really embarressed going out like this...but I have to do it!!
Ah That's right!! This is no time to be embarressed!
Ink Yes, I understand! My feelings haven't been shaken, let's fly to where he is without delay.
Ah Eh?! Did you say "fly?" Can you do that?!

She began to strike her magical book (*PIPO PAPO*), and chanted "Fly, fly, fly!" ...Ink, are you able to manage such high-level magic??

Ink ...huh? Hey Ah, I don't understand this incantation here. Could you read it for me?
Ah Ummm...Ink, you can't just stop suddenly because you don't know how to read it...

With that, Ink and Ah flew away in a straight line right to him.



Nao is a 12th grader attending a local high school. He is not great, but not horrible either, the so-called "normal" high school student. He is social, has friends, and never misses a chance to go to the video arcade to play his favorite games. He does so-so in school, and even though his studies are improving, his level is still relatively low. He would always say with naieve optimism, "Well, I'll make it through somehow," but that sometime didn't happen when test time came. Currently, he is getting nowhere in his efforts to get into college because he isn't studying at all for his exams. It seems he is in a little bit of danger...


Ink Nijihara

Ink is a childhood friend of the main character, Nao. She is one of his classmates and lives in his neighborhood. She makes her appearence in a child-like body. Of course, as an adult, you might find this considerably disturbing. Although she is a quiet girl, her spirit is strong and we didn't want to give you the impression that she was an overbearing person. Therefore, we are depecting her as an extremely timid girl who becomes embarressed easily. She studies hard enough at school, but by some natural instinct she knew that she had to do something about Nao's situation. She has lived in the same neighborhood as her unrequited love, Nao, since childhood, and it seems that they have always been tied together by the red string of fate. She wants to go to the same college as him next year, and because of this she has been granted magical powers!


Pastel Ink

This is what Ink looks like when she transforms into a magical girl. She is a bright and cheerful super powered magical girl...or so it seems, but deep inside there lies the frantically embarressed, can-barely-put-up-with-it Ink Nijihara. Even though she has been granted magical powers, she is the lowest level magical girl rank there is, since she has never used her powers before. When she is around Nao, she always seems to perform high level magic, but in all honesty, she can't even do the basics. Although her magic is flashy, her actual abilities are worse than a washed-up two-bit loser magician.



Ah is a magical guide from the Kingdom of Magic. He is now locked in this accursed form, but once long ago he could control the most powerful of forces. He had forgotten his abnormally long real name many ages ago, so he let Ink name him, "Ahildkarah." He is a paedophile. He is the type of person (or duck?) that LOVES schoolgirl swimwear, bloomers, musical recorders, and little girls' panties. Ah picked the form of an ultra-cute little girl for Ink to transform into to fulfill his own carnal desires. When Ink goes to school he transforms into a mobile phone strap.



Before he was sealed, aginst his will, inside a pencil by Pastel Ink, Pen was a magical warrior for the Kingdom of Magic. He talks staggeringly fast and is a pervert. Pen is frank and impulsive. He says he loves gusts of wind, minced meat, and bleached cotton, and although he has an extremely bothersome personality, he is kind at heart. He can usually be found sleeping in Ink's pen case. He can always be seen with his comrade-at-arms, Moony, the eraser. Pen was reincarnated into a pencil, but actually he can transform into many handy writing and copying utilities.



Moony was called into the world of humans by Pen, who was very irritated about coming here against his will, in a fit of anger. As you could guess, Moony isn't too happy about this. He was transformed into a kind and courteous eraser, although as a person he looked entirely different. He often acts as a meditator, keeping everything harmonious. He is a gentle person (or eraser?) that values peace. Moony always has a calm composure. He is proud of the fact that he is the most mature and peaceful among the group, but for everything to flow smoothly he is always pushed to the point of unhappiness.