Tamashii Aoi-jou yakata (Tamashii Aoi Shrine)

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You might be wondering who in the world this girl is? Tamashii Aoi is a character in the Evangelion: R fanfic created by Orbit Productions. Mysterious in nature, Aoi stands out in the Eva universe as the most cheerful character I've ever encountered.

Why I like Aoi

She's cute

Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think she is beautiful and very cute. Looks are always something to consider, even though we want to beleive otherwise sometimes. Some people think it is sad to like an anime character so much, in fact I have been harrassed about it many times, but I really don't care. Aoi is super cute, and I like her a lot. So there! :P~

She's cheerful

Wow! An Eva character that had a sunny disposition, that's unheard of. Aoi is what got me stuck on Eva-R. I don't read fanfics nearly at all, but Aoi's feel good, silly manner got my attention in such a grim world as Evangelion.

She knows who she loves!!!

Thank goodness! Enough of that silly Asuka/Shinji teen angst, can't admit the love, bladybladyblah. I am a big Shoujo (girl's comics) fan, and to run into a girl like this without the competition of other girls is really unique. It's like having Lime without Cherry and Bloodberry! (Random Saber Marrionette reference there) I always like cheering for the girl in the aqward romance, and unlike Asuka, this is a girl I want to cheer for, because her personally is SO much better.

She is filled with Mystery

How can the most open girl in the series be the most mysterious in nature? Even her name is filled with the sense of mystery and suspence. The way she almost randomly does things out of character. Why is it? It will all get explained, no need to worry, but that Mystery is a big part of why Aoi is so attractive.

Her voice rocks!

Thank you Allison Skwarlo for your wonderful voice acting on the part of Aoi, I remember when I got to hear your first voice sample for the role of Aoi, and I just thought to myself. This is this woman I have been listening to throughout all of Eva-R. Aoi's voice fits her role to a tee, and once you hear it I think you will agree that Aoi is by far the coolest anime girl out there!

Well, I really can't say anymore without a lot of plot spoilers, so I highly suggest you read up! Eva-R is a GREAT story, and in my opinion a must read for any Evangelion fan, hey if you happen to be in Pullman, WA I have it all printed out, so come on by!

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